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                有声双语美文: 真爱

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                An ancient Hebraic text says:" love is as strong as death". It seems that not everyone experiences this kind of strong love. The increasing probably,crime and war tells us that the world is in indispensable need of true love. But what is true love?

                Love is something we all need.But how do we know when we experience it?

                True love is best seen as the promotion and action, not an emotion. Love is not exclusively based how we feel.Certainly our emotions are involved.But they cannot be our only criteria for love.True love is when you care enough about another person that you will lay down your life for them. When this happens,then love truly is as strong as death.How many of you have a mother, or father,husband or wife,son or daughter or friend who would sacrifice his or her own life on yours? Those of you who truly love your spells but unchildren, would unselfishly lay your life on the line to save them from death? Many people in an emergency room with their loved ones and prayed"please, God,take me instead of them".Find true love and be a true lover as well.May you find a love which is not only strong as death, but to leave to a truly for feeling life.
                一篇古代希伯来文说到:“爱和死一样强烈” 好像不是每个人都经历了这种强烈的爱。 日益增加的贫穷,犯罪和战争告诉我们这个世界极度需要真爱。 但是,真爱是什么?

                爱是我们都需要的东西,但是我们怎么知道什么时候经历了爱? 真爱最好被看成是奉献和行动,而不是情感. 爱不完全是基于我们的感觉. 当然我们的情感也涉及到了,但是情感不能成为我们对爱的唯一标准. 真爱是当你们足够关心在乎另一个人,你们愿意为他们放弃自己的生命. 当这种事发生了,那么爱的确是"和死亡同样强烈"

                你们当中有多少人的父亲母亲,丈夫妻子,儿子女儿或朋友愿意为你而牺牲他(她)自己的生命? 你愿意无私地放弃自己的生命来拯救你真正爱着的配偶和孩子免于死亡. 许多人在急救室为他们所爱的人祈祷, "上帝, 请让我来代替他们".

                找到真爱并成为一个真正的爱人. 祝愿你们找到一个不但比死亡还要强烈, 而且带给你们真正幸福生活的爱。